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Behind the walls of Savage House sits what was once a secure warehouse containing a laboratory designed to collect research data on the infected. The security of the facility was breached, and the staff lost control of the warehouse, allowing the infected to roam free throughout the building. The devastating disease spread at an alarming rate and the building was sealed off. The CDC has attempted to regain control of the site, condemning all the infected test subjects to the premises as well as the staff that dedicated their life to finding a cure.

Get yourself lost in the hallways of this zombie-infested warehouse as you navigate through 10,000 sq ft of terror. Are you brave enough to make it through? Brave enough to survive?

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The attraction is ADA compliant and able to accommodate large size wheelchairs.

See characters, vehicles, and props from some of your favorite horror movies. Come walk through a 750 sq ft museum and read interesting facts about some of the most iconic horror characters and vehicles to be on the big screen. Photography is welcome in "The Museum"


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