hill·bil·ly (ˈhilˌbilē/) noun




1. An unsophisticated country person, associated originally with the remote regions of the Appalachians.

2. A person who lives in the country far away from cities.

3. Someone who lives in the country. A hillbilly is a person who lives in a remote, rural area in the South, often in the Appalachian (Or sometimes Ozark) Mountains and therefore is isolated and somewhat out of touch with modern culture.

Rumors of the Gray family farm house run far and deep. It is a folk lore and legend that's been around for years in the town of Early. The run down farm house has been an eyesore for this community for decades. The family is made up of hermits that do not comply with the town ordinance and are known for making illegal moonshine on the property and are seldom seen. It has been considered a 'right of passage' for bored kids of this town to dare each other to go knock on the door. The more innocent stories say once you do, you are never heard from again.



  The darker rumors speak of victims striped of all their belongings, tortured, and bodies scattered throughout the property. Some even speak of cannibalism. Several refrigerators, freezers, and various containers, full of human meat, being saved for the Gray’s family consumption. But that’s just what the rumors say......

San Diego County’s only THEMED haunted attraction

Savage Productions, the creative force behind Savage House, has put a new twist on the haunted house experience by creating a themed haunt. Unlike other haunted attractions, Savage House will have you immersed in a storyline fit for horror film, from beginning to end.

Located in the heart of San Diego at Westfield Mission Valley In the TARGET parking Lot


Westfield Mission Valley

1640 Camino Del Rio North

San Diego, CA 92108


Located in the TARGET parking lot






*Mission Center Road exit off Interstate 8


*Trolley Station Stop: Mission Valley Center *GREEN LINE*

Haunt & Museum Combo



Front of the line pass

$5.00 EXTRA


Museum Only







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"Have a work party, sports team, or other large event? We offer discounted rates for groups of 20 or more (Tickets must be purchased in ONE transaction) contact us for pricing"

*Attraction is not recommended for anyone under the age of 12 years old.

*Attraction contains strobe lights, fog, water and other natural elements, and uneven pavement.

*Attraction is ADA compliant and is able to accommodate large size wheelchairs.

“Come check out the 2,000 square foot museum.  See characters from all of your favorite horror movies, including The Strangers, My Bloody Valentine, Saw, The Purge, and many more!”

“Also check out the 400 square foot “Walking Dead” inspired display, complete with Daryl’s crossbow, Rick’s gun, Michonne’s sword, Merle’s arm/knife prosthetic, and so much more! And NEW this year, an additional 400 square foot “Saw” inspired display, including the “Billy” puppet, Reverse Bear Trap, Teddy bear Bomb, Shotgun Collar, Knife Chair, and so much more!”

Savage Productions will also have a gift shop on site where you can purchase many of the horror movie displays and autographed memorabilia they’re known for.

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